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Shock Absorbers


We carry a full range of Shock Absorbers for all types Cars, SUV's, Light Commercial & Truck


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At AutoFastFit, we pride ourselves in only keeping the best brands and brands we trust. Auto Fast fit is a family run business established over 50 year ago.  We have been stocking and Fitting shock absorbers and coil springs since then and take pride in only offering the premium quality car parts at discounted prices. We keep various brand options for each product, which will allow you to choose by price or preferred brand.

Quality is guaranteed at Only approved products are listed, which will not affect the cars manufacturers warranty.  

Auto Fast fit have been using Monroe, KYB & KONI for many years. With our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction have made our relationship with Monroe, KONI and KYB stand the test of time.



The Monroe® Original range offers you a high quality shock absorber produced in the same plants and using the same technology as those mounted on your car as original equipment.

What Does Your Odometer Read?



To help motorists protect their driving safety, ride control engineers suggest that automotive shocks and struts be replaced at 50,000 Miles / 80,000 Km. In addition, it is always a good idea to ask your automotive service provider to perform a complete chassis system safety check - including ride control components - every 12,000 miles/ 20.000 km. 
Ride control components wear out due to everyday driving and a variety of load and road conditions

  • Shocks and struts may not show any visible signs of wear, but internal components may be past their useful life
  • Typical shocks and struts "stroke" an average of 1,750 cycles per mile – that's 21 million cycles per 12,000 miles!
  • Shocks and struts are susceptible to additional wear caused by heavy use and severe road / environmental conditions
  • Ride control components interact with, and depend on, other key steering and suspension parts

50,000 Mile / 80,000 Km Replacement Recommendation* Help improve vehicle handling characteristics and comfort

 A fresh set of shocks can enhance more than just your ride. They help imrove braking and handling under certain driving conditions and they make vehicles safer and easier to control. This helps make the road safer for everyone

Just one 50% degraded shock absorber on your vehicle can increase stopping distances by up to 10 feet under certain driving conditions.

 *At 60 mph. Tests performed on dry, bumpy surface. Actual mileage may vary, depending upon driver ability, vehicle type, and type of driving and road conditions




KYB is Auto Fast fits main suppliers and are one of the worlds largest supplier of shock absorbers to vehicle manufacturers, with 1 in 4 of all vehicles leaving production lines worldwide fitted with KYB as standard. KYB is also the largest OE shock absorber supplier in Europe.

Years of expertise have helped KYB to become an industry leader not only in shock absorber production but integrated automobile control systems and suspension module production and development.

KYB aftermarket shock absorbers are manufactured using the same factories and technology as for OE. The valving is uprated to allow for the fact that the shock absorbers will be fitted to a vehicle with other worn suspension components, in order to restore the ride as close as possible to how the vehicle was when it was brand new. This means that KYB aftermarket products are the same as – and in many cases better than OE supply.

Autofast fit use KYB as they provides superior product quality to all of its customers throughout the world in a variety of industries. This is recognised by the company slogan, ‘Our Precision, Your Advantage’. KYB will never compromise on product quality. All KYB factories are certified with ISO9001, QS9000 and ISO14001




Don't hold the piston rod wth any tools (mole grips etc), as this will damage the surface of the piston rod and cause the oil seals to leak.


Don't put any water, oil or other liquid inside the strut housing as thie may damage the cartridge. KYB cartridges are designed to be used without liquid at both high and low temperatures.


Don't use an impact wrench to tighten a nut onto a piston rod. This can make the torque higher than the recommended limit.


Use any fitting parts (nuts, spacers, washers etc) supplied with the KYB shock absorber, rather than the OE parts, as sometimes they may be a different size.


If the shock absorber being replaced is not the original one, but an aftermarket part from another brand, any ancillary parts (dust cover, bump stop, bushing etc) can not be re-used for KYB shock absorbers. You may need to order OE parts.


Shock absorbers should always be fitted in pairs.


Always prime shock absorbers before fitting – fully extend and compress the unit 3 times to remove air pockets inside the shock.


Always ensure the vehicle is back on all 4 wheels before tightening upper mountings.



Use an appropriate spring compressor tool when replacing coil springs.


Coil springs should always be fitted in pairs, to ensure an even ride height and to ensure the vehicle doesn’t pull to one side when braking.


Take care when compressing springs, they could cause serious injury if they come loose during installation.


Check spring seats, and top mountings for damage before replacing broken or worn springs.


After installation, check that the springs are seated correctly.


Check wheel alignment after installation.


Worn or broken spring can damage shock absorbers and other suspension components, KYB recommends replacing shock absorbers at the same time as springs.


A number of coil springs are side load springs which look a little like a banana in shape. For more information on fitting these,