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20W-50 Valvoline VR1 Racing Oil Mineral 5Ltr

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Now: €49.50

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Product Description

Valvoline VR1 RACING Oil 20W-50 5ltr


 Extra Performance For Racing Conditions

With many years of motor racing innovation and experience, VR1 racing lubricants are the leading-edge of racing oil technology formulated to increase horsepower and protect high-performance engines during race conditions. VR1 Racing range of engine oils is the right choice for both road and track, providing the competitive advantage that professionals and racing enthusiasts seek.


 Maximum performance and protection at high temperatures 


Superior friction reduction boosts horsepower output 


Extra anti-wear additives (ZDDP) provide ultimate wear protection


Excellent oil-film strength to improve durability


Enhanced additives protect against deposits and fuel contamination






VR1 Racing 20W-50 is a high performance conventional motor oil for passenger cars. It is specially formulated for ultimate performance in turbo and non-turbo charged petrol engines.  Extra additives resist extreme operating conditions during rallying and racing.

Suitable for both turbo charged and non turbo charged petrol engines, including engines running on fuels containing alcohol. Excellent seal compatibility.


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