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We've listed just a few of our Top Selling Brake Discs and Pads. We carry Brake Pads and Brake Discs for every popular car and light commercial. Please contact us with your vehicles details and we can get you a competitive quote.

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At AutoFastFit we pride ourselves in keeping premium brand Brake Pads and Discs we trust. Our brands offer superb quality and value. AutoFastFit has been selling and fitting brake discs and pads for many years and have found that Apec, Ferodo, Mintex and BrakeFit Braking helps us offer a hassle free product range to our customers.

Auto Fast Fit guarantee to keep the Latest Products, with our vast range of parts covers 99% of all cars and LCV's in the UK and Ireland. To make sure we maintain this unrivaled level of coverage, we are constantly introducing new parts to service manufacturers recently release models.



With Apec Brakes we always goes the extra mile and our new guarantee goes much further than that.

We guarantee every complete axle set of matching Apec discs and pads for two years or 24,000 miles.

  • If the discs or pads wear out during that period we’ll replace them free. Full Stop.
  • Our 2Y24K guarantee proves we’re confident about the quality and consistency of our braking products.
  • It sends customers exactly the right message for today’s economic climate: Apec = unbeatable value and peace of mind.

Consistent quality

Auto Fast Fit use Apec as their discs are precision made to match the high standards and consistent braking characteristics provided by Apec brake pads. So when replacing worn discs with new Apec discs, be sure to fit Apec pads for optimum matched braking performance.

Precision manufactured

Apec discs are produced to fine tolerances and exacting specifications, for uniform thickness and hardness, and easy fitting. Using only high quality materials ensures that Apec discs effectively withstand constant heating and cooling, and are highly resistant to warping.

Made for today’s roads and vehicles

Our brake discs are available across a wide range that not only includes modern cars and LCVs, but also older vehicles from the 1960s onwards, please contact Auto Fast fit for availability.

For optimum braking performance, we recommend you also fit new Apec pads when fitting new Apec discs. When Apec discs and pads are fitted together as a matching axle set, they are covered by our Apec 2Y24K guarantee.

Detailed evaluation

Our brake discs are produced in modern factories to exacting performance standards that ensure they are direct replacements for OE parts. They are tested to homologation protocols, which cover not only braking performance over a range of temperatures and pressures, but also disc integrity, thermal cracking and DTV (disc thickness variation).




Apec , Mintex, BrakeMax & Ferodo are AutoFastFits's main Brake Pad supplier.

Offering the most advanced, comprehensively tested and environmentally friendly brake pads for the aftermarket. Over 18 million brake pads are produced every year, to cover 99% of all cars and LCVs in the UK and Ireland. This includes not only modern cars, but also older vehicles from the 1960s onwards, contact Auto Fast Fit for more details.

Unique production process

All our brake pads are made from the latest generation friction materials and benefit from a unique High Pressure Treatment (HPT) scorching process, for:

  • superior initial performance and easier bedding-in
  • longer working life
  • optimum safety and comfort.

Dependable quality
All our brake pads are precision-made in Europe or China, using advanced robotic technology for constant accuracy and easy first-time fitting. The manufacturing process includes the friction material, back plate and shims, ensuring consistent high quality. Pads then undergo rigorous and extensive testing.

For optimum braking performance, we recommend you also fit new discs when fitting new pads. When pads and discs are fitted together as a matching axle set, they give the vehicle a better braking feel and performance.

Rigorous and comprehensive

Our pads are subjected to tough tests to make sure they meet our exacting criteria for outstanding performance, comfort and safety. Testing takes place in laboratories, on test tracks and mountain roads.

Laboratory and track testing
Pads undergo extended dynamometer tests, to simulate continual everyday and extreme driving. On the test track, the pads are installed in a variety of cars and repeatedly subjected to high speed braking, and aggressive stop-start city driving.

Mountain road testing
Again using different types of car, the pads are tested during average speed and high speed descents of the demanding Glossglockner Alpine pass, which falls with an average 12% gradient from 2571m, over 16km.

Despite minimal time allowed for the descent, the pads must not exceed strict limits for their final temperatures and must still demonstrate safe stopping ability at the end of the Pass.

Beyond required standards
Our brake pads are subjected to, and pass, tests which are often considerably more demanding than the R90 and R13 standards set by the international motor industry.

Better for the environment

Our Braking is naturally concerned about safeguarding the environment. Apec brake pads make a positive contribution through the HPT manufacturing process.

With HPT, harmful gases that are normally released into the atmosphere during the bedding-in stage while driving, are contained and treated in the laboratory. Thorough air filtering and scrubbing means all the harmful gases are neutralised, making the process safe and eco-friendly.

Our friction material also exceeds EU regulations, by completely eliminating heavy metals such as lead, copper and antimony.