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Belt Dressing Bardahl 400ml


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Product Description

Belt Dressing Bardahl 400ml

A blend of special oils and acrylic polymers designed to prevent slipping of all V-Flat and round belts made of rubber, leather or fabric.
The problem: After a certain period of time belts will crack, start to slip and transmission will loose power. The slippage of the belt can also cause irritating noisy squeal. Aging, oxidizing, hardening, or drying out will reduce the life of a belt considerably. The action: Bardahl Belt Dressing will give an immediate result and increase the belt pulling power by 50%. It will lengthen the lifetime of the belt, prevent cracking and increases the transmitted power by reducing slippage. It is particularly suitable for leather, rubber, canvas and most synthetics, and is effective in reducing squeal of vehicle fan belt

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