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Detachable Tow Bar BMW 4 Series F36 models

Was: €539.46
Now: €399.00

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Product Description

Detachable Tow Bar for BMW 4 -Series

(F36 Models)

(incl. 4x4)
(incl. M-bumper)

Look no further for a high quality, weather coated and durable Tow Bar for your BMW F30, here at Auto Fast Fit we supply, two very popular brands in towing for a variety of car makes and models.

We also supply a wide range of electrical kits, so you have everything you need for you tow bar.


Steinhof’s products have the required certificates and approvals issued by the English unit – VCA (Vehicle Certification Agency) and also the Polish certificate issued by PIMOT (Automotive Industry Institute). By realizing the process approach to the production, the Steinhof company has implemented and effectively maintains the Quality Management System compliant with all requirements of ISO 9001: 2015. In addition, the TÜV SAAR CERT certification agency is also responsible for the quality of Steinhof’s products.


Product Specifications:

  • Weight [kg]: 15,7
  • Max. Towing weight (kg): 1950
  • Ball: W5
  • D value [kN]: 10,2
  • Max.vertical pressure (kg): 80
  • Ball type: Automatic
  • Rear bumper cutting: Yes
  • Rear bumper removing: Yes
  • Approval: e20

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