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Flange Tow Bar for MAN TGE Van, Minibus fits 11/2016 onwards

Was: €299.00
Now: €219.00

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Product Description

Flange Tow Bar for MAN TGE Panel van, minibus with step 3640 / 4490 mm single wheels front wheel drive FWD - Year of production: 2016-11 - now

Look no further for a high quality, weather coated and durable Tow Bar for your MAN TGE.

Tow Bar Specification

  • Weight: 34,7 kg
  • Catalog number: V-039
  • Theoretical reference force acting on the ball coupling:21 kN
  • Max. horizontal pressure:150 kg
  • Max. towed weight:3500 kg
  • Bumper cutout:YES
  • Removing the bumper:YES
  • Sphere Type:And
  • Ball type: unscrewable


Steinhof have been in business for 60 years, based in Poland. These Towbars are tested for compliance with the requirements of Regulation No 55 at the Automotive Industry Institute in Warsaw. Simultaneously, in the Steinhof's laboratory there is a modern fatigue-testing machine for towbars that has a valid calibration certificate issued by the Dutch Certification Institute RDW, which entitles the company to obtain e4 approval according to Directive 94/20 EC. Each towbar must be able to withstand 2 million cycles under the desired load, which takes about 40 hours. At regular intervals, the company undergoes relevant audits; so-called COP (Conformity of Production) carried out by RDW employees, which is to provide a constant and high, repeatable quality for series production of the towbars.

We also supply a wide range of electrical kits, so you have everything you need for you tow bar.


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