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H7 PHILIPS RACING VISION GT200 + 200% more brightness

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Now: €39.99

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Product Description

H7 RacingVision GT200

Car Headlight Bulb 


Incredible performance from a road-legal bulb

If you're passionate about driving, let Philips RacingVision GT200 car bulbs elevate your automotive experience. Up to 200% brighter light that shines over 80 metres farther means better vision and faster reactions for a more exciting drive. 

Incredible performance from a road-legal bulb

Let our lights take your driving to the next level

  • Type of lamp: H7
  • Pack of: 2
  • 12V, 55W

See a step change in visibility and driving excitement

The highest performer in our portfolio, Philips RacingVision GT200 delivers the super-bright visibility of a rally bulb in a format you can use on public roads. Experience the razor-sharp clarity of up to 200% brighter light(1). The optimised bulb design provides higher luminance for a better view of the road ahead, giving you a safer, more exciting drive.

Striking beam throws light up to 80 metres farther(2)

With its ultra high-performance beam reaching a full 80 metres farther(2) than the legal minimum, Philips RacingVision GT200 lets you see more of the road ahead. Spot potential hazards sooner, react faster and position your car more accurately on the road. It all adds up to a safer, more satisfying driving experience.

High-performance light approved for use on public roads

Philips RacingVision GT200 headlight bulbs are ECE homologated for the road. Performance-oriented drivers enjoy a bright, vibrant and street-legal bulb compliant with relevant regulations.

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