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PCL HVLP Suction Spray Gun

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Now: €69.99

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Product Description

PCL HVLP Suction Spray Gun

The PCL – HVLP Suction Spray Gun utilises a precision engineered brass air cap, stainless steel fluid nozzle and needle which provide a premium quality paint finish.This newly developed “compliant” spray gun offers the user high transfer efficiency, lower material consumption and is environmentally friendly. The PCL – HVLP Suction Spray Gun is also suitable for water based paints, with 1.7mm fluid nozzle and 1 litre aluminium cup.

Product Specifications:

Working Pressure: 3.5 bar/50 Psi

Cup Material: Aluminium

Average Air Consumption: 6 CFM/170 l/min

Air Inlet: 1/4 in

Nozzle: 1.7 mm Adjustable

suitable for a wide variety of paints, including water based

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