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Roof Box - G3 Spark 320 Roof Box

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Product Description

Roof Box - G3 Spark 320 Roof Box

Thanks to the innovative skills of our technicians it’s been possible to create the practical system of pre-drilled holes which distinguishes the G3 roof boxes. It is possible to fix the roof box with the practical Hole Maker Tool, a new tool developed by our company and made available to each customer in order to simplify the fixing process. Simply and quickly, the costumer is not required to manage dangerous tools to fix the box which might be risky. The result is excellent, absolutely better than any other competitor can provide on the market: the system of pre-perforation improves the precision of mounting and contributes to increase the quality of G3 boxes.  
A: Fixing kit 
B: Spring jacks 
C: Push-button lock 
D: Centralized lock  


Length 1338 mm

Width 730 mm

Height 360 mm

Internal Length 1248 mm

Internal Width 670 mm

Internal height 350 mm

Real literacy tested 240 lt

Color, Opaque metallic black

Net weight 7 kg, Gross weight 10 kg, Max load 50 kg


Opening: Right side

Spring lifter: front - K3.014 / rear - K3.014

Closing:1 lock

Lock type:k3.003

Internal Fixing:K9.032

Packaging Volume:0.366 m3

External Fixing:K9.042 Elegance

Guarantee:5 years

City Crash: Yes

Pre-assembled: Yes

Iso Pas 11154: Yes


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